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What Is Social/Emotional Learning?

“Intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”


Martin Luther King Jr.

"Within the character of the Citizen lies the welfare of the nation."


Our Purpose

The Pennsylvania Character Consortium is comprised of

leading SECD educators and experts from eight states.


The Consortium's purpose is to advocate

for comprehensive

 Social-Emotional Character Development standards to be added to

Pennsylvania's Core Academic Standards. 

What is Social-Emotional Character Development?

Social-Emotional Character Development (SECD) is a comprehensive, holistic approach to developing character in today’s youth, which includes social-emotional learning, as well as moral and performance character development. Social-emotional learning focuses on one’s personal development (self-awareness and self-management) and social development (social-awareness and interpersonal skills). Social-emotional learning alone can overlook core ethics, civic values and performance goals.  SECD offers a more comprehensive approach to character development, that includes a focus on the development of one’s moral and performance character.


This type of development centers around the betterment of the whole person, teaching kids that being a person of good character is just as important as doing well in school. It puts their achievements into perspective, showing that it’s not just the accomplishing of a goal that defines success, but the means by which the goal was accomplished.  SECD enhances school climate, increases quality of learning, and provides students with the support they need to flourish in all aspects of their lives.  Not only is this focus on SECD proven to increase academic performance, help students realize their potential, and decrease poor behavior, it creates ethical human beings who are prepared for their future.

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