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Matthew L. Davidson, Ph.D., is an original Founder and the current President of the Institute for Excellence & Ethics (IEE).Through his work at IEE Dr. Davidson seeks to foster optimal performance in individuals and organizations through the assessment and development of leadership, teamwork, work ethic, and overall well-being.


IEE's Excellence with Integrity Assessment and Development Tools have been used in a wide-range of educational, youth development and workplace settings, as well as with student-athletes in youth, high school, and Division I, II, and III college settings. He is the lead author of the Excellence with Integrity Curriculum Series and The Power2Achieve Program. His writing on excellence with integrity for individuals and organizations appears in the Journal of Dermatology for Physician's Assistantsand in New York Physician's Magazine.

Dr. Davidson has dedicated over 20 years to the theory, practice, and assessment of character and culture. Previously he served as Research Director at the Center for the 4th & 5th Rs (Respect & Responsibility) at SUNY Cortland. He has also been on staff at the Family Life Development Center at Cornell University, the Values Program at Le Moyne College, and the Mendelson Center for Sport, Character, and Culture at the University of Notre Dame, where he was also an Adjunct Professor of Education.

He lives in Fayetteville, NY, with his wife Suzanne and their four children. 

Matthew Davidson

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