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Dr. Gregg Amore

Dr. Amore is a licensed psychologist employed at DeSales University since 1972. He has served the college in multiple roles: Director of Counseling, Chairman of the Psychology Department, Director of DeSales Child Development Center, Director of Career Planning & Placement, & Co-Director of Professional Development. He was founder of DeSales Child Development Center, the Department of Psychology and the Professional Development Center. He has taught a variety of psychology courses, specializing in those geared toward personal, professional, and sport performance enhancement. Through his Personal IMPACT program, and as a contract psychologist with L.G.E. Performance Systems in Orlando, Florida, Men are from Mars / Women are from Venus in San Francisco, California, and Healthy Lifestyles Corp. in Torrance California, Dr. Amore has addressed the needs of business, professional, & sports groups nationally. He is a member of the National Speakers Association.

Extensive graduate study in business combined with first hand business experience as owner and operator of Amore Farms and Greenhouses and Amore Vineyard and Winery has enabled him to combine theory and practice. Growing and selling nearly 100 acres of fresh vegetables and 2 million greenhouse plants annually has equipped him with a keen appreciation for the unique circumstances and demands of both management and hourly employees. This first-hand experience in the business world gives him a unique dual perspective as both psychologist and businessman.

His interest in aviation and fitness add a special dimension to his presentations. As a multi-engine instrument flight instructor, and Learjet pilot, he has had numerous opportunities to enable individuals to challenge themselves, overcome their fears, and maximize their potential. A former high school and college athlete, Dr. Amore has maintained his interest in health and fitness through competitive natural bodybuilding since 1973. He has won over 140 awards, including four national championships, and the prestigious 2000 Grandmasters World Championship in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dr. Amore’s mission is to empower others to the realization of their full potential.

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